Insurance Training

David Allen Discusses his FIRST 7 WEEKS & “$4,000,000+ in Annuity Sales”

Jump in on this great conversation about how David has come to Family First Life and written over 4 Million dollars in Annuity sales already! We are constantly reminded how amazing our opportunity is by seeing the caliber of people that decide to work with us.

Family First Life: Nadine Lajoie “How I Earned $27,000+ by Listening to FFL Training”

She’s gone 280 MPH+ on a motorcycle and wow what an amazing job Nadine is doing out in the field protecting families.

Because our lead programs place us in front of so many people we are finding many Annuities sales.

9 Things you Need to get Started Right SELLING LIFE INSURANCE


Grady killed this presentation! Listen in and take some notes as he goes over 9 things you will need to get started selling Life Insurance right away. 

“The Goal in Selling is to Increase Credibility and reduce Sales Pressure!” 

~ Grady Polcyn

Family First Life USA: Jordan Soper “How to Create $10,000 Travel Trips”


If your area doesn’t have enough lead flow to sustain your business it’s not a big deal here at Family First Life because your compensation level will allow you to easy travel and sell in locations where there is a lead overflow!


Family First Life: Grady Polcyn “How to Sell Life Insurance” 101

No wonder Grady’s team has took off and is Issue Paying around $250,000 per month in less than a year and a half. This training is solid and is loaded with tips to help you close regardless of what company you are selling for.